The company Ridehere-Ridenow Johnny Nesslinger supports the Association for Conscious Living in the Here and Now (e.g. by web presence) and works together with the association wherever possibilities for a cooperation exist.

Short facts

  • The association is called: Ridehere-Ridenow, Association for Conscious Living in the Here and Now (short: R-R). “Conscious Living” refers to each person as an individual as well as to their relationship to the environment – both in the narrower sense, that is to preserve our nature, and in the broader sense, that is to take on social and political responsibility for the world we are living in, the world that we help create with every moment, every thought that goes through our minds, every word we say and every action we take. The name and logo of Ridehere-Ridenow are registered trademarks of Mag. Johnny Nesslinger. The association may use both the name and logo free of cost until further notice
  • The association's domicile and place of jurisdiction are Innsbruck, Austria, and it is active in the whole world. With regards to party politics, R-R is neutral and follows the principle of religious, ideological and ethnic tolerance.
  • The association's purpose is to promote the charitable and non-profitable promotion of conscious living in the here and now.
  • A further purpose of R-R is to represent the nature of its disciplines and fields of activity, often characterized by the immediate contact to nature, as well as their dependence on ecological conditions in public, placing particular emphasis on social, political and environmental awareness.
  • ZVR-number: 437983246
  • Imprint: Where ever the association is responsible for the content of website pages, this fact is mentioned in the bottom section of the relevant pages. 

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Responsible for the content: Ridehere-Ridenow, Association for Conscious Living in the Here and Now, ZVR: 437983246

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