Thoughts in the most quiet time of the year: YIN & YANG 2017

Part 2: YIN or the challenges

Apart from some personal and business challenges (injury, considerable issues with a fraudulent business partner, etc.) the finding / experience, that many people and organisations in the sustainability field are - when confronted with the migration crisis - failing at the very same limit of their own horizon of understanding / world view they have normally - partly together with me - criticised in other people when it came to resource overuse, TTIP, etc. When numbers, data and facts are consciously or due to unknowingness ignored or at best dismissed as "right, but not serving the cause", when rationality is defamed as agitation without offering reasonable other approaches, when not voted NGOs with members of a few per mils of the population are trying to dictate the majority society their ideas, the trust in civil society commitment and pro bono activities with these people and organisations is lost. If only they had stayed within their fields of expertise!

When human trafficking operations in the Mediterranean Sea are supported, demonstrations against ominous right wing dangers and the deportation of criminals and illegals are organised, left wing violence (such as G20), islami(sti)c terror, migrant riots, gang rapes (also of minors), violent beatings, knife murders, incineration of homeless people, etc. are not even mentioned, when the unholy alliance of leftists and islamists becomes obvious when "feminists" (!) shout "Allahu Akbar" at the Women"s March against Trump in Berlin, when Israeli national flags are burned and chess players from Israel can be banned from participation in the World Games in Saudi Arabia, but any form of critizism of further Muslim immigration (which is clearly rejected by the majority of the European population!) and all its related problems (the current "mainstream Islam" is definitely not compatible with European values) immediately leads to social media accounts being blocked (without any of those organisations constantly whining for freedom of speech opening their mouths), if 2.911.968 people (57,44%) are voting for a certain government constellation in Austria, a few thousands (less than 1 per mil!) people don´t like this and with the help of some NGOs demonstrations are organised and it is threatened with riots "to save democracy", when headscarves and thus islamism & sharia are made publicly respectable, when politicians and countries who are protecting their population are attacked, when underage girls are - in schools, apprenticeships, on the streets, in meetings centres - not warned of grown up men (a medical determination of the age of the visibly definitely not underage men would violate their human rights!?!) from uneducated, misogynist cultures and value systems, but are fed to them, then people and organisations supporting these developments have lost their credibility.

If you are interested in data, numbers and facts, please click here.

I cannot and will not - at least not pro bono - get active in these areas the way and with the intensity as before; but I have no regrets and am thankful for the manifold findings, meetings and activities of the past 10 years that helped me understand the world / fit the pieces of the puzzle together (If only more of the mentioned people and organisations saw the whole and not only their little details, we would be much closer to the vision of a beautiful and safe homeland with intact nature in a world with a future). My website with its manifold and partly comprehensive content is documentation of my activities of the past years (quite proud of these), knowledge database and space for future possibilities.

Even though I probably wouldn"t write all info pages exactly the same way now, the quintessence, the data and facts are still helpful and for the most part still valid.

I am looking back at the past years with joy and pride, but at the same time I know it´s time to strike some new paths. One of my most important new projects is THE BLACK TOWER SECURITY.

With this in mind I say thanks for the attention and wish you a happy and successful New Year!

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