We offer basic information (in form of this website) as keynotes, presentations, workshops as well as coaching and consulting on all topics, also gladly within coaching and team building seminars.
It is essential for us to depict the entire topic in the best possible way, and also to show its wider context, even on specific topics. We think qualified knowledge of each individual field is a must, in order to present topics in a professional way, but we never want them to be set-apart detailed information, but always put them in the wider context of the challenges of our times.

In the end, our presentations and workshops are about the realm of future viability, by picturing concepts, initiatives and organisations to indicate possible ways and steps into a balanced future liveable world. On the one hand the topic sports and health is a wonderful way to enjoy a conscious and happy life right here and now. On the other hand it is a great Empowerment tool not to fall into lethargy of powerlessness caused by the awareness of the challenges of this world, but to contribute actively to this world. Such active contribution can also be by establishing counterweights to some of the present circumstances – that’s what the topic Counterbalance is for.

You will find interesting reports on all our topics and activities in our Blog. 

Duration and number of participants of keynotes & presentations can be adapted individually to your requirements. This can also be done in some manner for workshops, but for some, such as self-defence courses a setting of 4 hours proves to be the most effective. Depending on the number of participants, we provide as many trainers and workshop instructors as needed to ensure good guidance. Prices vary by type and complexity of the speeches and workshops. 

For further information and details about our offers, please contact us via our contact page.

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