The name is a pun with the terms "right here - right now" and "ride" and stands for living consciously in the here and now. Experiencing freedom that doesn’t harm anyone and joy that does not come at the expense of others, bearing responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in, sincerity and truthfulness are the basis of our philosophy.

To live consciously refers to each person as an individual as well as to their relationship to the environment – both in the narrower sense, that is to preserve our nature, and in the broader sense, that is to take on social and political responsibility for the world we are living in, that we help create with every moment, with every thought that goes through our minds, every word we say and every action we take.

living consciously in the here and now
Johnny entering the green room

Corporate Social Responsibility: Green Room

The green room (also known as „tube“ or „barrel“; referring to the room that forms “inside the wave” as it breaks very hollow) is without doubt the ultimate goal and favorite location of every surfer. Once inside, you wish to get back again and again and again, if you make it back out, you experience a flash of adrenaline, energy and joy that is not comparable to anything else, a true gift of nature.

Here in our green room we wish to thank nature for providing us with all those great moments we experience and would like to show what we can do in the different areas that future generations can enjoy mother nature's gifts, as well.

What exactly does CSR (Corporate Social Resposibility) mean?

Nowadays CSR is usually described as a holistic corporate concept integrating all dimensions of sustainability, thus including all social, economic and ecologic contributions of a company to the voluntary commitment to responsibility for society, exceeding the mere compliance with laws.

In this spirit, CSR is an integral part of Ridehere-Ridenow - all our core businesses (quite a few of which per se belonging to the area of sustainability) are naturally done as sustainable as possible, greenwashing is therefore not neccessary for us.

  • All business activities are done with reference to the Ecological Footprint and the ecobalance (life-cycle-analysis) as indicators / criteria
  • Ridehere-Ridenow is using green electricity, namely the most environmental-friendly electricity of Austria, the "AAE Naturstrom Plus" which has been awarded the "Official Austrian Ecolabel For Green Electricity"
  • Efficiency: Minimised use of paper by using PDF invoices, etc. - where paper is necessary, we stick to FSC / recycling paper
  • Sufficiency: We only buy what is really needed
  • Clothes and food / catering at as many events as possible: Organic andFair Trade
  • Getting to the self defense and surf instructor courses as well as presentations and keynote speeches per train and bicycle
  • Ridehere-Ridenow is trying to always be up-to-date with new findings in all areas - for example, if electronic equipment is necessary, we are using the Greenpeace Electronic Ranking as one of the main criteria.
  • Integrity is more important than profit maximation: We exclusively cooperate with partners that are interested in clean and sustainable activities and highlight this in their business philosophy and policies, as well.
  • Specific measures: Green room surfing & Green room freeriding

The meaning of the Ridehere-Ridenow Logo

Our Logo stands for the company and the philosophy of Ridehere-Ridenow and shall show the following concepts.

The Four Elements:

  • Water: the wave
  • Fire: the lightning (and also the sun)
  • Earth: the mountain
  • Air: the area lit by the sun

The dark cloud shows the Yin aspect, the bright sun the Yang-aspect of our world. The lighting stands for the fire, but also for determined, conscious actions in the moment, in the here and now.

We would like to thank Michael Gugerell, who succeeded in transforming the various ideas, thoughts and words into the actual logo - for further examples of his professional work please check out

Please find further aspects of our philosophy at "Get active & be(come) a hero" and "Counterbalance-Philosophy".

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