Teambuilding for companies, organisations & associations

You are looking for a more complex approach than the classic team-building activities? You want to boost more than just team spirit? You want to empower your team to better cope with everyday challenges? You have decided to – maybe based on the thoughts outlined in “get active & be a hero” – to not only do your projects really well, but to do really good projects, as well? You are looking for possibilities to communicate necessary information to your team in an understandable way, so that your whole team shares your philosophy and wants to reach goals in, for example, sustainability of their own accord? Then, look no further!

We adapt contents and extents of our seminars individually and accordingly to suit your requirements and goals. We offer exciting sports activities, presentations and workshops regarding future-proof concepts and initiatives according to your wishes, and we offer specials such as psychic techniques (find more information about the contents below), to optimize the appropriate package for you. 

Coaching for individuals

You want to change as described in „get active & be(come) a hero”, but you are lacking the necessary drive to start this transformation? You are feeling that you are not yet where you want to be? You are unsure or undecided about where to go? You are feeling that things in this world are not going the way they should and could? You want to contribute to a positive change but you don’t know how? You know that looking away is not a solution, but watching and being incapable to do anything is too painful?

Our individual coaching and seminars will help you reach your desired goals. We gladly help you getting in touch with like-minded people, companies and organizations from our network.

Possible content of the coachings & seminars

The concept is multilateral - we are working on:

Physical empowerment:

Psychic / emotional empowerment:

  • Self-awareness & personal development: status quo, goals, goal achievement, analysis & feedback 
  • Becoming aware of belief systems and working on them
  • Mental techniques
  • Discussion and reasoning training (presentations and discussions about various topics from the areas sustainability and awareness & empowerment)
  • Re-connecting to nature and our fellow (human) beings

The approach is inter- and transdisciplinary: findings from classical science as well as alternative approaches are being used.


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