It is our opinion that three steps are necessary towards a sustainable well-balanced world:

  1. Awareness: the problems and challenges of our world as well as the approaches towards a balanced, sustainable world must be known. If we are not aware of the problems, we won’t see the need to act. If we don’t know of any solutions to overcome the situation, there is the risk of losing hope, or – in order to protect ourselves – to blind out the problems.
  2. Empowerment: only persons who have experienced empowerment are capable to stand up and master today's challenges, to stand up against injustice, to establish a counterbalance against people and systems/dynamics that endanger our future, and to help shaping a fair, balanced world. If we see the problems and solutions, but feel too small and too insignificant to change anything, we will fall into frustration and lethargy.
  3. Counterbalance: Only in rare cases will the problem solve itself. There are philosophies presuming such an approach, but this is not the philosophy of Ridehere-Ridenow. We were given the ratio, our minds, to think, and the emotion, the emotional level, to feel. Therefore we should use these to make responsible decisions.

A wise proverb of the Hopi Indians says: „We are the ones we have been waiting for“. It’s in our hands to design a world with our thoughts, words and actions with a fair future for everybody. That’s the topic of this section.

Watching a movie the other day made me think of a few things: while most of us grow up being taught to be nice, to share, to help those people and animals who are weaker, to treat nature well, etc., grow up wishing to become a hero some day - one of the heroes we read about in book and see in movies - too many are obviously loosing their path and end up as lethargic sheep in the best and as the devil´s advocates (although mostly unaware of it) in the worst case.

At the same time exactly those Hollywood blockbusters are booming that show as heroic as possible, simply structured "good against evil" stories full of stereotypes - are we trying to keep hoping for the triumph of good against evil, even if just in front of our TVs?

The reasons for this status quo can probably be found in two factors

  • A strong feeling of de-powerment, the (wrong) perception that the individual cannot change anything.
  • The feeling of being slaves of the political and economic system instead of the feeling of freedom to vote the leaders we want and to make conscious choices about what goods the economy shall produce for us.

What can we do?

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It is fundamental to us that we stick to a sustainable as well as authentic path in choosing our partners and collaborating with them. We exclusively cooperate with partners that are interested in clean and sustainable activities and highlight this in their business philosophy and policies, as well!

"The world is a dangerous place to live, but not because of the evil people, but because of the good people who do nothing about it" (Einstein).


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