Pornography is the depiction of sexual acts and activities. Well-researched information on the problems that are inherent to pornography can be found at

Child pornography

Sometimes also abbreviated as CP: Photo or video material that depicts sexual acts of and involving children. Child pornography is considered an offense in nearly all legal systems. A UN survey of 2009 estimates the revenue generated with child pornography to amount to a total of three to 20 billion USD globally.

Social media such as Facebook

Social networks such as Facebook are unfortunately used to distribute child pornography.

Example: An offender sets up the profile of a young girl and offers to share photos and videos in her name. This is how video footage and photos are distributed. The material is often cost-free given that the offenders' desire to produce and distribute child pornographic content is usually stronger than their financial needs. When such photos are published on the Internet, Facebook blocks them and erases the respective profiles (at least that is how it should be). However, the offender can simply create a new profile and continue to trade photos and videos.

The abbreviation pthc stands for "preteen hardcore" and is a synonym for child pornography. The category "favorite books" usually features "Lolita" from Vladimir Nabokov or LS-Magazine – child pornographic photo material of a former Ukrainian company. The category activities often includes pthc, little girls, young girls, incest family, preteen, child lover, mum and daughter, or 10 11 12 13 14. These pages often show disturbing pictures of children in unambiguous sexual activities. Keywords for profiles of pedophile offenders can include the words boys, little girls, love little, or fantasy names such as Sara Open Legs.

Many offenders openly admit their sexual affinity for small children and some even upload personal pictures of themselves. Facebook does not report offenders to the police who place child pornographic photos or videos onto their site and is unfortunately not very cooperative when it comes to educational work. It is mandatory to make Facebook accountable so that men and women who are suspected to produce or distribute child pornography are reported to the police!

The petition "topchildpornonfacebook" must be supported to actively stop the distribution of child pornographic material in the world's biggest social network. The Internet site also shows examples of material that was uploaded by offenders.

Sexual abuse of children

According to UNICEF estimates, about 2 million children are sexually abused around the world every year. The offenders sometimes come from their immediate surroundings and sometimes human traffickers sexually exploit children for commercial purposes such as child pornography or child prostitution. From a psychological perspective, there are different forms of abuse, including:

  • Without physical contact (e.g. watching porn movies)
  • With physical contact (e.g. touching each other)
  • Not penetrative (e.g. touching each others sexual organs)
  • With penetrative contact (e.g. oral sex)
  • With paraphilia (e.g. sadism)
  • Ritualized abuse

General indications of sexual abuse:

  • Actions that are harmful to oneself or others, withdrawal, fear of contact, lack of distance, strongly sexual language, conspicuous playing with one's own genitals. Symptoms can be unexplained behavioral disorders, a clear drop in performance, secondary bed-wetting and soiling, stomach pains, anorexia, or dissociative disorders that become obvious, for example, in neurogenic symptoms such as palsies or movement disorders without neurological findings.
  • The individually differing situations of families, personalities, and children's reactions must always be taken into account.
  • In the context of a medical anamnesis and examination, the combination of a child's statements, injuries of the genital and anal regions, detection of semen, evidence of foreign matter in the vagina or anus, detection of sexually transmittable diseases, and sexually conspicuous behavior of the child is an indication of sexual abuse. Other injuries can also be indicative of simultaneous physical violence and sexual abuse. This includes injuries not typically due to falling, injuries from different incidents some of which may not have been treated, delayed visits to the doctor, and frequent changes of doctors, as well as signs of neglect (reduced general and nutritional condition, underweight, development disorders). When speaking to the parents, they frequently lie to cover themselves and cannot explain the existing injury pattern.

What can we do to help?

Moral courage: DO NOT LOOK AWAY: Go through life with your eyes wide open, report suspicious persons, talk to them...DO LOOK AWAY: Pornography sites, respective bars and establishments – do not support this industry!

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