• To help and stand up for a better, nice and safe world is good, important and the right thing to do. I would consider myself as very active and I appreciate all people who are contributing to this cause.
  • It is understandable from their point of view that people, who are seeing, thanks to the new technologies, other places that offer them more perspectives than their homeland, are trying reach them.
  • On the other hand we cannot neglect the facts: no matter how many persons we are taking (in Austria and the whole EU), we won’t change the overall situation by doing so, because we are too few (500 million people in the EU) to be able to help all of them by immigration. About 1 billion people live of less than 1 USD/day (very undernourished), about 3 billion persons live of less than 2 USD/day. Actually, you can’t even call this “living”, you have to call this vegetating, slowly starving to death, whatever. If you are looking for facts and numbers, I recommend the work of Jean Ziegler, the former UN special ambassador for the right of nutrition. Interview with Jean Ziegler "Wir lassen sie verhungern". Every 5 seconds, a child under 10 years dies of starvation, 57.000 persons a day. Please look up "Hunger & Global Reasons"
  • Those people are even poorer (looking at it the materialistic way) than those paying thousands of euros to traffickers, just to get here. Most of them vegetate and die far away from our borders – hunger cannot walk. Everyone engaged in global equity in the last years has to face these facts. Where was and is the outcry? Mostly in Africa, but also Asia (India, etc.) there are constant humanitarian disasters of the highest level: war, civil war, hunger, starving, (sexually) abused and exploited children and women, mothers that have to feed their kids mud, just to fill up their bellies and make them sleep. But no pictures get published, and if, then it is just small campaigns such as “Safe Darfur” or single reports about the South Sudan. That’s not changing anything. On the contrary, due to the cost of taking migrants countries even started reducing their development aid payments.
  • "Open borders" as a solution? Certainly not. It should be clear when looking at the numbers as well as the cultural differences. The EU needs clear migration politics that point out who is allowed to stay under what clearly defined prerequisites for what amount of time, and who is not. The topics "asylum for a defined time" and immigration must not be mixed up. Furthermore, the safety of the Europan citizens has to be guaranteed.
  • The only real solution is a global eco-social market economy. I highly recommend the speech regarding asylum and migration by Prof. Radermacher (Club of Rome, Global Marshall Plan) held at the Federal Ministry of the Interior in July 2015. Every minute is worth watching (see video below).
  • Only strong European countries, not weakened by unsuitable actions, can establish an eco-social market economy worldwide. To achieve this goal, fast, courageous and deliberate actions are necessary. It has to be ensured that the European countries remain capable of acting and those who need it most will be taken care of (this is mainly women and children) locally or in the neighbouring countries. It must be ensured that there is no more uncontrolled inflow from other regions with completely different cultures and value systems that massively endanger the safety of the European population, and possibilities have to be found on how to proceed with people who are disrespecting our rules, regulations and values – yes, I’m talking about deportation at large scale – in order to make to the general public feel safe again. Moreover, it has to be made clear that asylum is not the freedom of living wherever you want, but it’s about being protected from persecution in the home country. According to the Geneva Convention, war in a country is NOT a reason for asylum!

Final thoughts

From my point of view, the one-sided and unsanctioned revocation of international laws, such as the Dublin Regulation, by Mrs. Merkel was wrong. It would have been better for her to seek a solution together with the other European countries, and to end the neo-liberalization, neo-feudalization and neo-colonialization by TIPP, CETA, TiSA and other market-radical exploitation tools and to advocate fair taxation for value-added processes, etc. This would solve the cause of the problem.

The outcomes of Merkel's politics on migration as well as the ensuing massive problems with migrants in the EU have reached a level that calls for fast and bold measures. In this context I would like to recommend the speech regarding the challenges of the migration crisis by Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union. Please scroll down to watch the speech.

Vortrag von Rainer Wendt zum Thema Herausforderungen der Migrationskrise

Keynote Prof. Radermacher: Asyl & Migration

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