As previously outlined in "get active & be a hero", we see the field counterbalance as one of the necessary steps towards a sustainable, balanced world. The key point of Ridehere-Ridenow is to act consciously in the moment – and this can also require acting against something. We are not really in favour of the thought often described in sustainability, to only be involved with the positives in order not to give any energies to the negatives. Both approaches (as in Yin & Yang) are necessary if we want to achieve positive changes. History is full of examples where nothing happened until somebody stood up against something.

If we say that many problems are inherent to the system, this means that single, uncoordinated, selective activities against certain (groups of) people or organizations will, if isolated, not be enough to change the whole system. On the other hand, without all these small activities, without revealing criminal actions by individual players, no changes will be achieved. Top-Down and Bottom-up approaches are necessary. Blaming the system and therefore evading one's own responsibility is as fatal as ignoring the system inherent character of numerous problems. Only by creating a network of smaller and larger initiatives and a master plan in the background we can yield chances of success.

Trying to solve problems, you will nowadays quite often hear someone yelling: "It cannot be done like that. It’s not just black and white, in reality there are many shades of grey in between. You have to look at it more differentiated." This mind-set bears the risk of nothing happening or occurring too late because of ongoing discussions. We think everything has to be thought through in a differentiated manner and it has to be analysed from all angles. Viewed from the distance and as a bulk, a lot seems grey. But the individual case is definitely always black and white. It just depends on what criteria and measures of value we are using for the evaluation. We stand up for clear and courageous decisions made in the best knowledge and belief! 

We want to stand up together to form a counterbalance against those people and systems/dynamics that are endangering our future and to build a just, balanced world!

Current initiatives of Ridehere-Ridenow are:

Petition: Stop Sex-for-Sale in Tyrol 


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