The snow crunches underneath your feet as you make your way up the mountain, the noise of the last lift station easing off while the summit cross and track-less slopes are shimmering in the distance, promising excellent stress-free powder turns...

If YOU have also been captured by the spell of magic moments that the wintery mountain world has to offer, let us seduce you and your friends with the prettiest freeride spots to be found in Tirol. From the slopes of freeride world tour spot Fieberbrunn in the east to the world-famous runs on the Arlberg in the west, riding down the slopes of the Seegrube with its view over Innsbruck or checking out the high alpine glaciers – Flo and his team know this region inside out and are happy to share their magicmoments with you.

We would be pleased to satisfy your personal wishes and prepare a customized package for you – from beginner workshops for freeride rookies to multi-day tours for the hike ambitioned to simple freeriding sessions for fun or individual coaching sessions – everything is possible. We also offer snowslide workshops with professional search areas and real case simulations including video analysis.

Flo loves his job - freeriding
Hauni in action! (Foto by: Sepp Mallaun)

Freeride Workshops in Tirol from 105 Euro per person

Location of the 1 day workshops: around Innsbruck. Depending on the conditions we are riding at the Nordkette, Axamer Lizum, Schlick oder Stubaier Glacier.

  • Getting there: go to Innsbruck (e.g. by train), from there we are going together to the respective location.
  • Costs and benefits: 105 € / person for: one day guiding, backcountry equipment (bagpack, shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver), minimum 4 participants, maximum 8 participants per group. If there are more participants we bring more guides!
  • Start: meeting at 8.30 am
  • End: last run around 4 pm, afterwards there is a chance to have a drink together
  • To bring / prerequisites: Your level should be good enough to ride safe offpiste. If you have your own helmet and protectors, please bring them. Of course you can also use your own backcountry equipment if you want. Please bring cash or a bank card for the ski pass.
  • Course content: The most important goal for us is having a fun day freeriding in the mountains, offpiste and with a focus on safety!Riding powder, riding technique, the basics about risk management regarding avalanches and short hikes are all part of the experience!

Green Room Freeriding

Getting to the spot: Open your mind and you will be surprised how many spots you can reach by public transport! While busses are already quite commonly used, trains are in general not taken into account - for example, some of the famous Stubaital spots as well as Seefeld near Innsbruck can be reached by a beautiful scenic train ride through forests and mountains where you can never go by car..cheaper, no traffic jams, no stress, no worries about putting snow chains on your car - you will arrive relaxed and happy.

Littering: Be aware that anything you throw away can have disastrous consequences for the fragile mountain ecosystem: plastic is used for building nests etc., cigarette buds are eaten - the old proverb perfectly applies here: Take only memories, leave only footprints!

Choose your line: Avoid places known as hiding spots of snow grouses, chamoises etc. - there is not much food available in winter, and unneccessary escapes from invading freeriders will burn valuable calories and can lead to the animal´s death.

Choose your food: Buy local, seasonal, organic and fair trade and avoid plastic bottles! If you bring your own packed lunch, sandwiches etc. you can decide what you want, need about the same amount of money and safe a lot of waste compared to pre-packaged junk food...

Protect Our Winters

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