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The workshop shows the global effects of our local consumption and the impact of globalization on our world. The basic knowledge for a critical reflection of our actions and ideas / suggestions for a change in the way we consume are imparted.

cleanEuro is a tool that allows us to evaluate the sustainability of our consumption independently. A sustainable lifestyle does not come at the expense of others – for example our children, people on other continents, or nature. With every purchase, we should ask ourselves three questions: Is the product ECOLOGICAL, FAIR, NEARBY? Every YES counts for 1/3 of the purchasing price.

While this method is not very exact, it allows for a fundamental evaluation of a product’s sustainability without much prior knowledge. The more you get to know, the more you can refine the method at a later time.

Seven ideas on consumption:

  • Do not buy (e.g. water in plastic bottles)
  • Buy less
  • Borrow and lend
  • Services instead of products
  • Second hand
  • Rethink shopping channels
  • Inquire

The Sustainable City Walk

The Sustainable City Walk leads us to different locations where we consider production methods and consumption based on specific examples. We learn where sustainable products are offered, which products are questionable, and how we can make the world a fairer place with our buying decisions.

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