Currently the best approach to understanding our ecological limits and our chance to live in a world, in which all living beings can continuously lead a fine life (by acting future-oriented).

The Basics

  • In a world that is reaching its limits through over-exploitation in an increasingly noticeable manner (with climate change, financial crises etc. being symptoms of this over-exploitation), the Ecological Footprint acts as a “bookkeeping tool” for nature, making our growth limits tangible.
  • It compares the resources (i.e. the sum of the biocapacity utilized by consumption of goods, energy and services within a year) we use to the resources (or biocapacity) we have at our disposal.
  • The concept was developed by the scientists William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel in the early 90s.
  • Currently (2018), the resources our earth provides us with every year are already consumed on August 1 ("Earth Overshoot Day") – hence, we build up debt (facilitated by “borrowed” non-renewable fossil energy) or use up the earth's substance itself instead of the resources it provides, in other words: Mankind is not living on theinterest payments but on nature's capital.
  • This over-exploitation is mainly caused by two factors: the high per capita consumption of some countries, and the explosion of the population of others - if the whole world would belong to one of these two categories, the system would already have crashed. Here you can check out what countries have an ecological reserve and what countries live "on tick". The data are quite surprising at times!
  • In addition to its effects on the environment, over-exploitation also presents us with tremendous social and political challenges: Regarding the current over-exploitation of the world, global justice and fairness are not feasible!
  • The Ecological Footprint demonstrates how much we need. From this basis, we can take the necessary steps, as an individual, a company, a state or a community of states and create a world that is fair to all. Nonetheless, we must rethink.
  • Rethinking does not worsen our living conditions, it provides us with the joy of living a good life, easy and light-hearted.
    Earth overshoot Day 2015

The Ecological Footprint (picture: footprintnetwork)

Earth Overshoot Day 2015

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Footprint presentations and calculations

We are offering customized lectures and calculations for associations, companies, organizations, schools, universities, etc.

The presentation is a visionary plea for global ethics and a “globalization of rationality”, which are the prerequisites for living a good life on our “too small” planet. The Ecological Footprint can - like no other natural scientific concept - merge the social, ecological and economic necessities to a new “global intelligence” and thus establishes the idea of “good housekeeping”, which is the foundation of both “ecology” and “economy”, as the obvious and natural model of a truly sustainable society.

The presentation not only covers the necessary personal steps, but also describes the cornerstones of the economic, political and social changes on the way to a sustainable society - for the benefit of our fellow human beings, our environment and future generations alike.

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