A very interesting article in the OEKONEWS shows that in Germany the strict changeover to LED lights would be sufficient to switch off 8 of the 9 nuclear power plants!

Solar power

The earth´s deserts receive more energy from the sun in 6 hours than mankind uses in one year - please find all info on the DESERTEC FOUNDATION! Austria has about 140 km2 suitable roofs and 50 km2 facades - the energy revolution is possible!

Green electricity

"Electricity keeps coming out of the same socket – what's supposed to be green about that?”
You often come across similar arguments when debating the green power topic. And, no, there are no separate lines for green power, BUT: It is about what electricity providers do with our money and in which areas they invest!

Green power must be produced from renewable sources of energy (renewing themselves within a short period of time and thus being de facto inexhaustible), that is small hydro, wind, biomass or solar power stations. Thus, WE as consumers can decide, if we prefer to invest in the development of nuclear or coal power plants instead of renewable energies!

Green electricity only has about 10% of the Ecological Footprint of "normal" electricity - changing over to green electricity is a great and easy way to decrease the Ecological Footprint!

In Austria, we currently recommend two providers of green electricity:

  • AAE Naturstrom
  • Ökostrom AG

AAE Naturstrom Plus is the most environmental friendly electricity as it mainly consists of wind and solar power and has been awarded the Austrian Eco Label for green electricity.

The changeover is very easy and involves 3 steps

  1. Send your last power bill to and ask for an offer.
  2. Compare offers and take a decision.
  3. Send off your application - done, the rest (cancellation, changeover etc.) is taken care of by the green electricity provider!

Just do it!

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