In this section we are explaining the most important labels in the areas nutrition (with the sub-categories EU labels, national labels and association labels), clothes, cosmetics, and cleaning agents, as well as their main criteria.

Oganic Labels

Organic labels are quality and test seals to mark products that originate from organic farming. Whether or not a product is authorized to display an organic label depends on its compliance with specific standards and requirements. As acontrol, producers are subject to documentation requirements while product samples are regularly inspected by the competent inspection body.

Only organic products may be marked:

  • "from (controlled) organic farming (cultivation)"
  • "from (controlled) organic agriculture"


Labels such as "from natural farming", "from controlled cultivation" or "from eco-friendly farming" are bogus claims and have nothing to do with organic products!

EU Organic Logo

All organic products manufactured and packaged in Europe must display the EU organic logo as of 1 July 2010. The organic logo guarantees that all requirements of the EU organic farming regulation are met during manufacturing and controlling. Moreover, all organic foods packaged in the EU must display the EU organic logo. The use of the logo on unpackaged or imported foods is optional.

The new EU Organic Logo
The old EU Organic logo

Producers of organic foods that mark their products as such must subject themselves to one of the approved inspection bodies.

National Organic Labels

Organic Associations

When it comes to association labels, compliance with EU regulations is additionally monitored by the respective farming association. Moreover, association labels are often subject to extended and at times stricter requirements and constraints established by the associations.

Organic Labels: Clothes

Organic Labels: Cosmetics

Organic labels for cleaning agents and detergents

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