It is widely known that more resources are needed for flying than for riding a bike. But how big are the differences between various modes of transportation, and how can this be calculated and compared?

The Ecological Footprint allows for such a comparison and leads to truly surprising results:

  • 2000 km by train correspond to about
  • 200 km in a middle class car and
  • 8 minutes on an airplane!

One would think that transportation modes that are very harmful on a global basis (such as flying) would be really expensive. Unfortunately, this is not the case: Owing to subsidies (kerosene is largely tax-free), lobbying, and unfortunately also proper blackmailing (of communities by airlines), you can fly across Europe for about € 30.- at times, while the by far better way, that is travelling by train, is much more expensive. The airlines offering the super-cheap inner European flights are not making their profits with the flights they are selling, but with subsidies from governments and the EU! The environment is the first to suffer, followed by ALL OF US!

Read our blog to find out that rethinking and switching from airplanes to trains can by all means be a valuable enrichment – just scroll your way down to autumn 2011 and read how to travel from Austria to the Canary Islands in an eco-friendly manner or read how cheap and comfortable you can travel the Balkan countries by train in the blog entry from June 2014.

To learn more about smart ways to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and reduce your Footprint as an organization or company, follow this link:

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CO2 Compensation

As a starter: CO2 compensation per se is not the solution for the problems we are facing these days. Mid and long term we will not be able to exist without comprehensive approaches and a change in the way we think and behave.

BUT: CO2 compensation enables us (in the very true sense of the word) to get a bit more AIR to breathe and enhances our chances to overcome the challenges related to the climate change just in time.

Unfortunately, not all compensation schemes are serious, as we can see, read and hear more often than not in the media. So: Blind faith is not clever, but denying the potential and benefits of all CO2 compensation measures is dangerous.

There are a few initiatives that are really doing a great job. We would like to recommend the CO2 Compensation System of the University for Agriculture and Forestry in Vienna: 100% of the compensation fees are used for the climate protection project itself -the administration of the system (permanent staff) is financed by the university!


If flying is "absolutely neccessary", please at least compensate the emitted CO2!

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