unaVision is a network of people with a common vision for a sustainable future. The network is a human centered, bottom-up civil society movement. The vision of unaVision is to create a global network of learning journeys, of knowledge sharing and social businesses in order to foster the sustainable (social, ecological, cultural and economic) development and to create many meaningful green jobs. UnaVision is looking for partners who like to be part of it! UnaVision envisions a network of people and organizations from exceptional regions that are good practice examples of sustainable development. The objective of the network is to connect like-minded people and organizations of regions around the globe, who can learn from each other, co-create systems, concepts, products, services and social entrepreneurships, which support the development of our sustainable future.

The mission of unaVision is to co-develop a network of learning journeys and innovative concepts for "Being Spaces". Those are living, learning and working spaces which are open for participation for sustainably-minded people. They are vibrant communities, incubator labs for eco-social entrepreneurship and home of common good co-operatives with co-working spaces, creativity and cultural spaces, permaculture gardens, restaurants with regional food, guest houses, health and educational centers.

Find out what you really, really like to do for yourself and our society!

For impressions of the Vision Walk and Balkan Summit in Macedonia in 2014 please visit our blog!

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